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2019/2020 Winter Sports

Boys' Basketball

FT/JV/V Results/Notes
12/6 at Hampden 4:00/5:30/7:00pm F W 41-23 JV W 58-50 V L 67-52
12/10 vs Brewer 4:00/5:30/7:00pm F W 41-32 JV L 47-38 V L 66-51
12/12 at Nokomis 3:30/5:00/6:30pm  
12/14 vs Mt. Blue (FT & JV) 10:00/11:30am  
12/17 vs Mt. Blue (V only) 7:30pm  
12/20 at Erskine Academy 3:30/5:00/6:30pm  
12/23 vs Lawrence (FT & JV) 10:00/11:30am  
12/23 at Lawrence (V only) 5:00pm  
1/2 at Waterville (FT only) 3:30pm  
1/3 vs Gardiner 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
1/4 at Madison Playday - First Team only TBA  
1/7 at Messalonskee 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
1/9 vs Hampden 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
1/11 at Mt. Blue (JV & V only) 2:30/5:30pm  
1/15 vs Nokomis 4:15/5:30/7:00pm  
1/17 vs Lawrence (V only) 7:30pm  
1/18 at Lawrence (FT&JV) 11:30am/1:00pm  
1/20 at Medomak 10:00/11:30am/1:00pm  
1/25 vs Cony 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
1/28 vs Messalonskee 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
1/31 at Camden Hills 3:30/5:00/6:30pm  
2/4 at Brewer 3:30/5:00/6:30pm  
2/6 vs Erskine Sr. Game 4:00/5:30/7:00pm  
Head Coach: Tom Nadeau
JV Coach: Eli Soll
Fr. Coach: Peter Kirby
Assistants: Reggie Washburn & Randy Washburn

Girls' Basketball

JV/V Results/Notes
12/6 vs Hampden 5:30/7:00pm JV W 41-33 V L 60-57
12/10 at Brewer 5:00/6:30pm JV W 36-30 V W 37-28
12/13 vs Nokomis 5:30/7:00pm  
12/14 vs Mt. Blue (JV) 1:00pm  
12/17 vs Mt. Blue (V) 6:00pm  
12/20 vs Erskine 5:30/7:00pm  
12/23 vs Lawrence (JV) 1:00pm  
12/23 at Lawrence (V) 6:30pm  
1/3 at Gardiner 5:00/6:30pm  
1/7 vs Messalosnkee 5:30/7:00pm  
1/9 at Hampden 5:00/6:30pm  
1/11 at Mt. Blue 4:00/7:00pm  
1/14 at Nokomis 5:00/6:30pm  
1/17 vs Lawrence (V) 6:00pm  
1/18 at Lawrence (JV) 10:00am  
1/20 vs Medomak 5:30/7:00pm  
1/24 at Cony 5:00/6:30pm  
1/28 at Messalosnkee 5:00/6:30pm  
1/31 vs Camden 5:30/7:00pm  
2/4 vs Brewer Sr. Night 5:30/7:00pm  
2/6 at Erskine 5:00/6:30pm  
Head Coach: Mike LeBlanc
Assistant Coach: Lee Johnson
JV Coaches: Bethany Sevey & Megan Smith


Time Results/Notes
11/23 at Dexter Duals 9:00/10:00am  
11/30 at Westlake Tourney 7:30/9:30am  
12/7 at Westbrook Invitational 7:30/9:30am  
12/11 vs Nokomis w/Oxford Hills 5:00/6:00pm  
12/14 at Mt. Valley Invitational 7:00/9:00am  
12/18 at Mt. Blue w/Medomak 5:00/6:00pm  
12/21 at Cony Duals 8:00/9:00am  
12/27 at Noble Tourney 8:00/10:00am  
12/28 at Noble Tourney 10:00am  
1/4 at Warrior Clash 8:00/10am  
1/8 at Camden Hills w/Morse 5:00/6:00pm  
1/11 vs Skowhegan Invitational 7:30/9:30am  
1/15 at Mt. Ararat w/Belfast 5:00/6:00pm  
1/18 at MDI w/WA, MCI & Calais 9:00/10:00am  
1/20 at Oceanside w/Belfast, Gard, MB 8:00/9:00am  
1/25 vs Winslow, Erskine, Cony, MA, Madison 9:00/10:00am  
2/1 at Cony HS - KVAC's 7:30/9:30am  
2/8 at Oxford Hills - Regionals 8:00/9:30am  
2/15 at Sanford HS - States 8:00/9:30am  
2/19 at Windham - Girls' States 8:00/9:15am  
2/21 at Skowhegan - Team Duals States 8:00/9:30am  
2/29 at Noble - NE Qualifier 8:00/9:30am  
Head Coaches: Tenney Noyes & Brooks Thompson
Assistant Coach: Dave Bell, Kris Segars & Jeremy Tarpen

Alpine Ski Team

Time Results/Notes
1/7 at Hermon SL 4:30pm  
1/9 at Sunday River GS 12:00pm  
1/10 at Titcomb SL 4:00pm  
1/14 at Lost Valley SL 4:00pm  
1/15 at Titcomb SL 4:00pm  
1/17 at Titcomb SL 4:00pm  
1/18 at Kents Hill-Pakulski Mem SL 9:30am  
1/20 at Mt. Abram-OH Inv. GS 1:00pm  
1/24 at Black Mtn. GS 4:00pm  
1/29 at Titcomb SL 4:00pm  
2/1 at Camden Snow Bowl GS 9:30am  
2/5 at Black Mtn-KVAC Champ GS 9:30am  
2/8 at Titcomb-KVAC Champ SL 9:15am  
2/13 at Shawnee Peak States TBA    
2/14 at Shawnee Peak States TBA    
Coach: Bill Finley
Assistant: Jacob Violette


Location Time Results/Notes
1/7 at Hermon SL 4:30pm  
12/5 at Penobscot w/Carrabec FFBC 3:30pm  
12/12 vs Penobscot w/Carrabec CMFFBC 3:30pm  
12/19 at Penobscot w/Carrabec FFBC 3:30pm  
1/2 vs Penobscot w/Carrabec CMFFBC 3:30pm  
1/9 at Wilton Meadow Lanes 3:30pm  
1/16 at Penobscot w/Carrabec FFBC 3:30pm  
1/23 vs Penobscot w/Carrabec CMFFBC 3:30pm  
1/30 at Penobscot w/Carrabec FFBC 3:30pm  
2/6 vs Penobscot w/Carrabec CMFFBC 3:30pm  
2/13 at TBA Lewiston or Aug. TBA 3:30pm  
TBA at Augusta-State Ind. Sparetime TBA  
TBA at Team North Regionals CMFFBC TBA  
TBA at Team States Yankee Lanes TBA  
Coach: Randall Murray
Assistant Coach: Tony Falco

Indoor Track

Time Results/Notes
12/7 at University of Maine 9:00am  
12/14 at University of Maine 3:00pm  
12/20 at USM 5:00pm  
12/27 at Bowdoin 10:00am  
1/4 at Colby 8:00am  
1/10 at University of Maine 4:00pm  
1/31 at Bowdoin 6:30pm  
2/8 at Bowdoin College-KVAC 8:00am  
2/17 at States 12:00pm  
Coach: Dave Evans
Assistant Coaches: Jim Goodwin & Dan Foss


Time Results/Notes
1/4 at Lisbon 11:00am  
1/20 at KVAC Championship @ Augusta Civic Center 10:00am  
1/25 at A North Regionals @ Augusta Civic Center AM  
2/1 at Lawrence 10:00am  
2/8 at A States @ Augusta Civic Center TBA  
2/15 at Scarborough TBA  
Head Coach: Lorretta Gerald
Assistant Coach: Cindy Witham